Slide Is blockchain an opportunity or a threat?

You need a Blockchain Strategy

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Book Overview

Are you sure your company will not be obsolete in the next five years?
Do you believe in the promise of blockchain, or you think it’s vaporware?
Have you been able to manifest its transformative potential into a business model?

Using lessons from history, “Prophets in Chaos” provides business leaders practical frameworks to wield blockchain as a strategic tool to create or survive the inevitable disruption knocking on our doors. Read More

Author Bio

His first TEDx talk in March 2019 questioned and reasoned “Who owns your digital identity? Blockchain unlocking the identity revolution.” Roop then probed “How digital assets are changing the nature of value?” in his 2nd TEDx talk in Feb 2020, now featured on

Roop designed and teaches executives the “Blockchain Strategy for Business Leaders” program. With experience creating impact in both enterprises and mentoring startups, he examines developments from his unique vantage point – at the intersection of business, technology and strategy. Read More

“Capabilities and technologies like Blockchain are most powerful when they open doors to new possibilities and serve to question long-held paradigms. Few strategic frameworks exist for effectively leveraging Blockchain capabilities.

Roop Singh offers insight into both the design principles, but more importantly, the practical application in transforming current practice.”

– Benn Konsynski, Distinguished University Professor at Emory University

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